How to Play Recorder Songs


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How to Play Recorder Songs


The Recorder is a Musical Instrument Made By Wood. It Is Basically a Woodwind Musical Instrument. The sound Of This Instrument is soft and Nice. The Recorder Was Popular Around 14 the Century. This Instrument Is Easy to Play rather than other Musical Instruments. It Is a great Musical Instrument for children. It Has Different Size And Colors. So let’s see how to play recorder songs.

How to play recorder song

As a Beginner you can Purchase a Plastic Recorder, Whi Is not very Expensive. It is mainly Used For School Going Children. Plastic Recorder Is easy to maintain. The recorder Has a wooden Version also. Wooden Recorder Is more Expensive than plastic Recorder. The Tone Of the wooden Recorder is nice than the Plastic Recorder. You can purchase it from the Musical Instrument Store or Online.

How Many Parts Have The Recorder?

How to play recorder

The Recorder Has Three parts. The top part Has the Mouthpiece, Middle Part with Finger Holes, and the bottom part has a bell shape.

It Is Important to learn How To Hold tHe Recorder. At First, you Have to Pick Up and place the mouthpiece rightly and then hold it between your lips, You Have to balance it with your Fingers. You have to Put Your left hand at the top.

So You Need Practice Blowing into The Recorder Through This practice you can get an Idea of How It will Sound. You should Play Gently. You need to think about Blowing Babules as you do this. Do not Blow too Hard, it gives a harsh sound. Gently Blow and you will get good sound.

You Have to learn the correct tonguing Technique. Playing a note you should start and stop the sound with toungue.

Generally, the first note people usually learn is B. You should cover the back hole with your left thumb and then take your left index finger and cover the first hole on the uppermost side under the mouthpiece and you should use your right thumb for balancing the instrument and gently blow into the mouthpiece and keep practicing note B.

Understanding the fingering chart is also important. The fingering chart consists of numbers zero to seven. Zero represents the left thumb, one represents the left index finger, and so on.

The next step is to learn the left-hand note. First, note you will learn to play using yore left hand are B, A, G.The next two-note you will play with your left hand are c and d.

The next step is to learn the right-hand note. The first note you will learn to play using your right hand are e,d and two notes you will learn to play with your right hand are f and c.

The next step is to practice playing simple songs. When you have mastered all of these notes you can put them together play a few simple songs.

The next step is to practice playing high notes then learn the semitones. The next step is to work on vibrato and then use glissandos.

Caring for your recorder is also a very important part. Clean yore recorder after every use. The plastic recorder can be cleaned with a dishwasher or warm water. the mouthpiece can be clean with an old toothbrush. Use the recorder after completely dry. wooden recorder should keep very carefully inside a soft cloth. More About Play Recorder …..

Keep your recorder in a case when not in use

recoder with packet


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